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 DAMANSARA features the heritage of natural beauty traditions from the tropical Asian region. Our high quality moisturizing cream collection is made from natural ingredients.  All of our creams have a silky texture that indulges most demanding skin. Produced in Germany, DAMANSARA creams are dermatologically tested and vegan. We abstain from using mineral oils, silicons, sulphates, parabens and animal testing.


What People Say

I use PURE cream as a day and night cream. I love its creamy texture and wonderful fragrance. It melts on the skin and immediately moisturizes it. The skin becomes soft and bright, like silk. Thanks Damansara!

Dorothee P., 30s (France)

I have really sensitive skin suffering from dermatitis. I’m always very careful with skin products. For creams I only use one special brand that my doctor recommended and that can only be bought in pharmacies. In the case of DAMANSARA creams I was very positively surprised. The PURE cream made my skin better than before. It worked much better than the prescription cream I normally use. I will definitely continue to use PURE Cream.

Nina P., 30s (Portugal)

The cream has a nice fragrance and smells good. It is smooth and has a nice texture, easy to spread on the skin.

Kai B., 40s (Germany)

The cold windy weather where I live is harsh on ageing skin and I am thrilled to have a new product that will care for it.
Virgin Coconut Oil – big tick.  Hyaluronic acid – another tick. The CHARGE cream has a lovely rich texture with a delicate scent of indulgence and is a pleasure to use.  I shall enjoy it.

Jill D., 50s (UK)

I have been using BLOOM cream almost every day on my face. I like putting it on in the morning before/under my makeup. It’s a good base, not too oily and absorbs quickly. I might try it as a night cream as well, I keep forgetting. I chose the lemongrass scented cream. If anything the lemongrass scent may be a little strong for the face, but it’s still lovely and very light for the hands and neck. I still use it on my face though, and the scent fades quickly enough that it’s not too overpowering. I love it!

Wen P., 40s (USA)

DAMANSARA BLOOM provides great hydration esp. when my skin feels dry. Because of its creaminess, I thought of only using it as a night cream. But I discovered that it works well under my powder foundation during the day too. It doesn’t feel greasy at all. So all good!

Aishah A., 40s (Malaysia)

LOVE PURE! Velvety, smooth, non-sticky texture, discrete smell – a true treat for the skin and soul. But the most important thing I wanted to report is that I also tried it on the very sensitive skin of our 4 year old, who suffers a lot from the cold and is usually allergic to most moisturizing creams and it helped a lot! No allergy, soft, moisturized skin. So it is a big “wow” from me!

Vincy K., 40s (Belgium)

I have dry skin. The texture of DAMANSARA skin creams is wonderful. I like the thickness and the way it spreads, leaving no color or residue. The skin feels and looks great, even when I wake up the next morning. The creams provide long time moisture. Also, my 7 year old daughter seems to love the cream too!

Lousewies vdL., 50s (Netherlands)


I love natural skin products, but it’s unusual to find one with organic ingredients that also feels luxurious. DAMANSARA creams have it all – the texture is rich and hydrating, but the scent and feel are light and fresh. I love how my skin feels the morning after application – moisturized but not oily. And for daytime use, the texture doesn’t interfere at all with sunscreen or makeup. In fact, I use the CHARGE cream as a makeup primer and it works beautifully! DAMANSARA is a gift for mature skin!

Gaby S., 40s (USA)

I am a medical doctor in my mid 20s. I use DAMANSARA BLOOM as my night cream. It smells nice. Texture is light, not too thick. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is not oily. All the nourishment is absorbed.

Nik T., 20s (Malaysia)

I just returned from a trip to Chile/Patagonia. I have been using your PURE cream and absolutely love it.  It’s both rich (but not too heavy) and has no fragrance — both pluses when it comes to facial creams.  After the dry Chilean air, I’ve noticed my skin just soaked it up. I’m also saving some so my daughter can try it when it she returns home for a visit!

Sarah D., 40s (USA)

I’d like to say that it makes me look YEARS younger – which isn’t as true as I’d like. Instead, CHARGE is just lovely and keeps my not-so-young face looking at least a bit younger and softer. I”ll definitely be ordering more.

Holly R., 70s (Australia)

I like the PURE cream a LOT.  Not to mention that I love, love coconut.  The aroma is just enough that even the not so crazy about coconut person would still appreciate it.  What I found very interesting about your cream is the consistency of it.  It is very smooth and easy to apply, which I love, and you get enough on your skin without having to over apply it.  The cream stays with you and you don’t get dry skin later in the day.  As I get older, I have noticed that my skin went from being oily to dry on some spots, so I am struggling to find a balance and the best way to manage it. Still a work in progress.

Cáss O., 40s (Brazil)

My daughter gave me DAMANSARA CHARGE cream as a gift. When I apply it I can feel the charging effect, tightening my skin. Surprisingly the cream is not oily or greasy. And it gets absorbed quickly. The cream makes my skin feel softer. Even after washing my face I can still feel the softness of my skin.

Khaz D., 70s (Malaysia)

I love the CHARGE cream. Texture is light but silky – perfect. Trying to decide about scent. The lemongrass is perfect. There’s a subtle undertone that I kept coming back to, though. But FWIW I am really sensitive to scent.

Jess B., 60s (USA)

I tried CHARGE and PURE and liked them both. I prefer PURE because I like the consistency.  One little jar lasts quite a while.

Ann S, 70s (USA)

I tend to get lost amid the enormous selection of beauty products. I am so happy that DAMANSARA CHARGE found me when the founder herself recommended that I try it. My exceptional experience with CHARGE is rooted in the balance of science and the art. I was amazed to learn about the properties of coconut oil and witnessed first hand its impact on my skin. Equally impressive was the sense of smell and touch – every time I used CHARGE, I felt transformed and mindful of this one moment. Taking time out from a hectic day to take care of me.

Larisa G., 50s (USA)

My colleague and I are so impressed by your PURE cream, that we decided to order new ones. Thank you for sharing your skin care experiences and your knowledge about skin care to all of us by creating this wonderful and pure product. I hope that, everybody else gets the chance to try your products out and I wish you every success for your company and your idea.

Thea D., 30s (Germany)

Using my favourite cream, DAMANSARA CHARGE, gives me the feeling of being taken care of, 24 hours. My skin feels soft and deeply nourished. The divine whiff of lemongrass scent adds to my wellness feeling and it still allows me to use my preferred perfume. I can highly recommend CHARGE!

Iris P., 50s (Netherlands)

I love everything about CHARGE, its fresh smell, its creamy non-greasy texture and it doesn’t leave a shining face like the Moroccan Argan oil. It really moisturizes my skin and protects it from the dryness I usually experience in Geneva.  I also appreciate the fact that it is made of natural products and extracted in a healthy way. My face treatment with the cream at night is an important part of my “shut down” at the end of the day and the Damansara cream is a perfect cream for this.

Iman E., 50s (Switzerland)

I was at a party recently and someone commented that my skin had a healthy nice glow. This never happened before. I can’t think of anything I did differently for my face other than use a DAMANSARA cream.

Sean K., 20s (Germany)

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