The inspiration for DAMANSARA came from home and my own quest to address my evolving skin care needs.

Coconuts were ever present in daily life where I grew up in Malaysia. The trees were ubiquitous, especially along the coastline and areas with sandy soil. In my youth, every household had means of producing coconut milk and oil for consumption and health or beauty rituals.

In the journey of life, many of us find ourselves having hectic lifestyles. In my case it involved a lot of travel for work, which has taken me to every region and more than 60 countries. My skin started to crave more effective moisturization as well as nourishing and regenerative care to recover from the demands of sleep deprivation, hectic schedules, poor diet and extreme climate variations. I know many people experience similar challenges in today’s life and work environment.

I have used and tested all kinds of skin creams from around the world for many years. I paid premium prices for well-known and top range skincare products. As I entered my 40s some years ago, I found their effects unsatisfying and sought alternatives closer to nature. I re-discovered the benefits of natural skin care from my own traditional culture and heritage in Malaysia.

I was thrilled to see scientific research that reveals the special properties of tropical ingredients like virgin coconut oil. The research convinces me that the oil would make an excellent basis for modern skin care. I looked into cream formulations that combine the exceptional protective and rejuvenating properties of virgin coconut oil with other selected tropical ingredients to deliver the effects that modern women and men would expect from high performance creams.



The logo of DAMANSARA symbolizes the founder’s Malaysian heritage. The color in the logo represents the brightest and most vivid color of the hibiscus flower that thrives in Southeast Asia and all parts of the tropical world. The complex flower in the logo shows a traditional pattern of the Malaysian Songket fabric. Songket is traditionally worn by royal families and is characterized by striking hand-woven patterns of gold and silver threads representing the ideals of beauty and culture.

The result is the DAMANSARA product range that combines nature with science. I have enriched these creams with other traditional and modern natural ingredients for higher effectiveness. The best results for my skin have come from creams formulated with virgin coconut oil in combination with other plant-based ingredients like rice, soy and algae proteins. DAMANSARA skin creams are non-greasy, light on the skin and quickly absorbed. They are generally suitable for all skin types. I use the creams daily to moisturize my skin and find that they provide excellent hydration while making my skin feel silky smooth and look youthful. In being thoughtful about the concept and selection of ingredients, I believe that DAMANSARA products can be a beneficial part of the skin care regimes of many, from people with normal skin to those with sensitive as well as mature skin.

As the base for my skin creams, high quality virgin coconut oil is essential for DAMANSARA products. I was able to find trusted sources in Malaysia that are able to produce the oil with especially high contents of lauric acid. This and the gentle method of oil extraction that does not involve chemicals or heat make the distinctive difference in DAMANSARA products over other brands.

DAMANSARA skin, bath and hair care products are made from nature and enhanced by science. They meet the rigorous health and skin care standards of the European Union. I am delighted to be able to share the DAMANSARA product range with you.

The combination of nature, heritage and modernity is what DAMANSARA stands for. In the beautiful natural area of ‘Damansara Heights’ with its green trees and rolling hills in Malaysia, you can feel best the harmony of living a modern and fulfilling life while surrounded by a serene natural ecosystem. It is this sense of harmony that I wish everyone to experience personally with DAMANSARA every day.

This is the story of DAMANSARA – Heritage of Natural Beauty.


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